Why does our society need bicycle thieves analysis essay?

In recent years, more and more people around the world are thinking about the state of the environment and looking for all kinds of ways to help preserve nature. The use of various environmentally friendly modes of transportation has become especially popular, especially in urban environments. The most popular and affordable, and most importantly – safe for the environment – is the bicycle. In many cities and towns around the world, there are bicycle rentals that help you get from one point to another without having to buy your own bicycle. However, with the advent of bike rentals, some new problems have arisen, such as an increase in bicycle theft or damage.

Why has bicycle theft become so “popular”?

Stealing or defacing property is one of the oldest types of criminal activity, but over the centuries it has been constantly changing according to new realities. We suggest a little insight into our essay writing service as to why bicycle theft has become so “popular.” The most obvious, in our opinion, are the following:

  1. Property Interest. The most obvious reason why bicycle theft has increased is the low level of wealth. Therefore, many criminals commit such crimes in order to improve their wealth a bit. The value of bicycles on the market can vary, but for the most part, their price is not very high. However, the incentive to get even a few tens of dollars still wins out, which is why bicycle thefts have become so popular.
  2. Growing competition with traditional forms of transportation. Quite often the theft and defacement of bicycles come at the behest of owners of rental cars or other traditional modes of transportation. The drop in interest amid the growing popularity of bicycling leads to bicycle thefts and thefts “on demand.” Bicycle rental owners are suffering losses simply because more and more people are choosing bicycles to get from one point to another more quickly.
  3. Low culture. Some people go about defacing bikes or stealing them simply because they have a lack of upbringing and can’t tolerate someone else’s success. Beautiful clean bicycles that are worth a lot of money contribute to the incentive to steal or deface them. This is by no means an excuse for such actions, but such destructive tendencies are present in many people.

As sad as the situation with bicycle theft may seem, even the increase in bicycle theft crimes is not affecting their increasing popularity. More and more people still choose the bicycle not only because it is environmentally friendly, but also because of a number of other factors – affordability, ease of use, beneficial effects on health. Numerous movies and commercials, including those featuring celebrities, among whom there are also many fans of cycling, also contribute to the popularity of bicycles. Hopefully, the growing popularity of bicycles as a major mode of urban transportation will soon result in fewer people seeking to steal or deface them, and more people using them for their own pleasure.