New Beginnings: Colombian Thief and Restarting in the U.S.

Somewhere in Colombia.

After I broke the world record in Panama, I had absolute no idea what to do with myself.

I found a job as a waiter at a restaurant briefly, but it just didn’t cut it.  So I moved on.  I unicycled to the end of the Panamanian highway, and on the coast I met an Englishman.  He was cycle touring from Alaska.  We decided that, because there are no real roads form Panama to Colombia (, we would kayak the 150 miles (240 km) along the coast.

It took us 21 days and lots of miserable experiences with tiny misquitos and Panamanian police to arrive at the border of Colombia (and therefore South America).

I will allow my companion, Nicolas Gault, to explain the fun we had via video, in four parts: