A few words about carbon cycle essay

Many of us have known about the importance of chemical elements for maintaining life on our planet since high school. One of the most important elements, not only in living organisms but also in our environment, is carbon. Why it is so important and what are the phases of its cycle – we suggest learning and use in write my essay.

What is carbon needed for?

Carbon is needed to maintain the vitality of all living organisms on Earth. It consists of the tissues of living organisms, it is present in the products of their food and life. Nevertheless, the amount of this chemical element on the planet is not enough to sustain normal life. Therefore, it constantly circulates, so that all living organisms, without exception, can get it in sufficient quantities. It circulates through a large number of constant chemical reactions, which are imperceptible to our perception. But its lack would be felt immediately by everyone, which would drastically degrade the quality of life on our planet.

How does the carbon cycle occur in nature?

Chemical reactions that take carbon from the environment and then return it to the body take place in several stages. The most common way this occurs is as follows:

  • Absorption by some living organisms of carbon from the atmosphere, as plants do;
  • Using it in the process of life;
  • The removal of the products of recycled carbon and its further conversion under the influence of other chemical elements.

However, it is worth remembering that the processing of carbon by different living organisms varies. Carbon is not only made available to organisms living on Earth by absorbing it in its pure form. It saturates the atmosphere as a result of decomposition by living organisms, combustion reactions, photosynthesis, or in its pure form (conventionally) in some rocks. The recycling of carbon in living organisms also occurs at different rates and frequencies, depending on the structure of the living organism and its life form.

Carbon is an integral part of all spheres of our planet – it is present in the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere. It is not stationary in them but is in constant motion as a result of the activities of all living organisms on our planet. But excessive interference in its movement can have dire consequences. It has been said for decades that the amount of all chemical elements that are present on our planet changes significantly as a result of human activity. Carbon is one of the most “sensitive” chemical elements, the amount of which is changing too fast. As a result of ill-considered use of minerals and disturbance of the earth’s cover, the composition of the environment changes significantly, and the amount of dangerous compounds increases, which in large quantities can harm all living creatures. In the same way, the carbon circulation system is disturbed, changing the composition of the air, water, and soil. Not all living things are able to adapt quickly to the changes, so they are in danger of extinction.